About Dr Gary Coulton


My Mission

My purpose is to unleash the hidden excellence of people, and organisations.

And in doing so, help them turn wicked problems into profound opportunities.

Adaptive Intelligence

People tell me that I have helped them to visualise and grasp future opportunities they never knew were possible. I excel at introducing, people companies and organisations to reap the rewards of collaboration.

I truly believe that the route to any kind of personal or business success is based on leveraging Heart (Purpose & Meaning), Head (Innovation and Analysis) and Gut (Self-identity & Motivation). This is the basis of applying our innate “Adaptive Intelligence” to maximum effect.

My Background

I spent 30 years as a university academic, teacher, business owner, innovator, executive coach, consultant, sports coach, scientific researcher and family man to help people and organisations imagine the future; experience the present and learn from the past, so that they become enduring achievers.

I bring scientific rigour with a human touch to focus on my client’s needs.

I’ve led teams designing and delivering high quality educational programmes, research teams investigating the biomedical basis of disease and directed the St. George’s Medical Biomics Research Centre. He has published more than 100 scientific research papers as well as books and invited chapters.

For many years I worked at the interface between academic research and business often working as a consultant to pharmaceutical companies and I developed a strong reputation for innovation.

The most important thing to me though has been supporting thousands of students, staff and clients to imagine their futures and release their innate potential. This culminated my creating the concept of Adaptive Intelligence and from this the Performance Pyramid System.

As a Coach

I empower my clients and their organisations by training them to use a powerful mixture of neurophysiological practices to manage their own physiology, married with objective tools for developing personal and business missions, visions and strategies. I do this this during coaching individuals but also via web-based platforms scalable to global organisations.

Following attaining my Practitioner Diploma from the Academy of Executive coaching I have worked with a very wide range of clients from CEO’s of SME’s, solopreneurs, people transitioning from salaried work to starting businesses and business business owners coming towards the end o their careers looking to plan for their personal human legacy (the echoes they leave behind).

Coaching & High Performance Cultural Analysis

Coaching individuals

I have practiced mindful meditation for more than 30 years, I am a qualified  Executive Coach (Academy of Executive Coaching), a mindfulness trainer, a HeartMath trainer and an mBraining practitioner. I use the Coach Master system developed by Andrew Neitlich for developing strategic business plans.

High Performance Business Cultural analysis

I am a qualified Associate Consultant with Denison Europe. Organisations utilizing the Denison Cultural Survey and allied strategic planning system have seen prodigious improvements in the performance of their cultures and have reaped downstream real-world benefits including increase profits and customer satisfaction ratings.

The rest of my life!

For the last ten years I have coached the intricate art of kayak paddling technique at Richmond Canoe Club and has paddled the length of the river Thames three times (that’s 127 miles and 74 locks).

I have the privilege to be husband to Mel and father to Phoebe and live in beautiful Thames Ditton, Surrey in the United Kingdom.