What is Adaptive Intelligence?

Adaptive Intelligence drives achievement during change

More of everyone’s potential to achieve a particular goal is released when we identify internal and external blocks. The more we identify the things over which we have influence to change the more we achieve.

Alone or together, by leveraging more of our Adaptive Intelligence (AQ) we inevitably achieve more and at a higher quality.


Aligning Heart, Head & Gut for Adaptive Intelligence

Scientific evidence, business sense and our own experience tell us that we make our best decisions when we engage our Heart (Purpose & Meaning), Head (Innovation & Analysis) and Gut (Motivation and Execution) together, and in that order. 

Heart: not being afraid to show compassion, making people feel valued.(EQ)

Head: making good use of analysis and creativity, together with emotional regulation.(IQ)

Gut: having the courage to try new ideas, and encouraging others to do the same.(PQ)

When EQ, IQ and PQ are in place, success and wisdom (AQ) follows naturally. This  can be considered as emergent wisdom - the force behind brilliant decisions.

Support for you and your people

Together we will identify clearly what you need, and when you need it. Then we will develop a tailor-made programme of support based on leveraging more Adaptive Intelligence and the achievement of your specific goals and dreams.