High Performing Cultures drive potent real-world outcomes

Denison Consulting focuses on business problems linked to organizational culture. Through our systematic approach to diagnosing and analyzing culture, we catalyse dramatic change in your organization. As a global consulting company, we help you provide client-centric, innovative solutions to culture change and leadership development. Our European team supports you in strengthening your organization’s effectiveness, both locally and wherever you do business around the world. We want to see you achieve your strategy and enjoy high performance—right to the bottom line.

The Denison Organisational Culture Survey is designed to measure the practices and behaviours that exemplify and reinforce the underlying beliefs, values, and assumptions that are held by members of an organisation. The survey focuses on the aspects of an organisation's culture that have a direct link to business performance.

The Denison model is based on over two decades of research linking culture to critical performance measures. The Denison Model was developed by Dr. Daniel Denison, formerly of the University of Michigan Business School, and currently Professor of Organization Development at IMD - International Institute of Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland. Dr. Denison’s research focuses on the link between Organizational culture and performance measures such as efficiency, growth, quality, innovation, and customer and employee satisfaction. 

We have been able to correlate the cultural traits of the model with performance metrics important to organizations. High scores on the stable side of the model tend to have the strongest relationship to measures of efficiency (ROI, ROS, ROE) while the flexible side has a strong relationship to performance measures such as innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Path to High Performance

The strength of the model lies in the benchmarking of results against those from more than a thousand other companies from across the globe and from a very wide range of business and not-for-profit sectors. In this way you can compare the specific strengths and weaknesses of your culture against likely competitors.

Path to High Performance illustrates our culture development and change methodology. The process depicted in this framework helps in creating a robust cultural awareness, clarifying the key business priorities, and facilitating thoughtful action.