Coaching & Mentoring

Are you looking to:

  • Increase your effectiveness in business?
  • Make better decisions?
  • Develop powerful strategies?
  • Leverage your Heart (Purpose & values), Head (Innovation & Analysis) & Gut (Motivation and Confidence)?

Your Success = Capability minus Interferences


The art of the coach is to assist clients to identify interferences blocking them, to determine which can be lessened and to release more of their innate capability to innovate and experiment until you discover a workable solution.

My energy and innovation will give you the power to be inventive, too. 



Dr Coulton has developed over decades a unique blended approach to coaching individuals and groups based upon the principles of Adaptive Intelligence.

He brings together the most powerful coaching strategies from the world of neuroscience, business, life and sports. He considers everyone as a, "Elite Athlete in waiting" and every organisation as, "Future World Leaders".

Clients are at the heart of the coaching process with their specific needs and goals centre-stage.

Time is taken to develop powerful mindfulness, HeartMath and mBraining skills empowering client's to consciously manage their neurophysiological state. In this state the disrupting fight/flight/freeze response is quelled, leaving a clear mind for excellent analysis, innovation and execution.

When client's achieve this measured "wise" state, using as much of their Adaptive Intelligence as possible, specific business issues (values, mission, vision, strategy etc.) are analysed using a highly validated process.

Programmes of 8 to 10 weeks are recommended in order to create meaningful and measurable change.